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McCombie Elected Illinois House Republican Leader

The Illinois House Republican Caucus elected Tony McCombie as the House Republican Leader for the upcoming 103rd General Assembly. The vote took place at an internal caucus meeting in Springfield.

Before becoming State Representative, McCombie served as the Mayor of Savanna, where she was known for balanced budgets and a solid administrative background. McCombie’s first election for State Representative in 2016 taught her what a tough campaign fight is, as she defeated an incumbent Democrat. McCombie has previously chaired the House Republican campaign organization and is the Republican Spokesperson on the Restorative Justice Committee. “The House Republican Caucus is focused on helping Illinois families by offering common sense solutions to the many problems our state faces,” said McCombie. “We will be a unified force that will grow our party by sticking to our core values and ending the corruption that has pervaded state government.” Inauguration for the 103rd General Assembly will occur on January 11th, 2023.


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