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Meet the Candidate: Regan Deering 13th Congressional District

With experience as an educator, small business owner, and active philanthropist in Decatur – Regan is working to foster community development and individual success. Regan believes we need a common sense government that honors individual freedoms and the ability to create a life full of opportunity. Washington’s one size fits all solution to the problems facing working families in Illinois is doing more harm than good and progressive Democrats are out of control when it comes to trying to insert more government into the day-to-day lives of Illinoisans.

Regan supports safe neighborhoods, great schools, growing economies, and a desire to reignite the American spirit. She is seeking support to return the government to the hands of responsible and invested leaders who focus on moving America forward.

Deering holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Duke University and a Master of Education from DePaul University. A lifelong resident of the area, she has been active in the community for years, serving as Capital Campaign Chair for Northeast Community Fund and as Chair of the Decatur Public School Foundation. Her commitment to our community has also led her to a role with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central IL and Pawprint Ministries.

Strong in her faith, Regan, her husband Brian, and their children are members of Holy Family Catholic Church.

Regan Deering Shares Why You Should Vote for Her

“It’s time to return to a government that is accountable to, “…We The People…” and serve the taxpayers who pay the bills, not a bloated and unresponsive bureaucracy that serves itself. I was born and raised in central Illinois and I stand first and foremost for the rule of law and preserving the U.S. Constitution. We should all expect our elected leaders to work for their constituents and represent the morals, values, and unique concerns of their district, and that is why I am running for Congress.

“I am not a career politician. I have built a career that puts a priority on high-quality education for all, investment and caring for our community, and giving back to others by serving.I am a taxpayer, homeowner, wife, mother, educator, small business owner and community advocate. My husband and I care deeply about the future of our three children and recognize that our country is at a critical point. We need a common-sense government that honors individual freedoms and the ability to create a life full of opportunity for all.”

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