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Miller Continues Dodging Reporters

Mary Miller continues to avoid scrutiny of her campaign, her record in Congress, and her personal financial history, and local reporters are starting to speak out about it.

Miller has dodged questions concerning a child sex predator working on her campaign, her vote to defund the military, her business being incorporated in Delaware, her being fined for chronic late payment of taxes, if she will move into IL-15, and more.

Davis campaign spokesperson Aaron DeGroot said, For someone who says they’re a ‘fighter,’ Mary Miller sure is afraid to face local reporters and answer questions about her record. You can’t stand up for your values and advocate for your constituents when you’re afraid of scrutiny. It’s time for Miller to stop using the Biden Basement Strategy and start answering questions. Voters deserve to know why a child sex predator is working on her campaign, why her business is incorporated in Delaware, why she’s been chronically fined for not paying taxes, if she’ll move into the 15th District, and so much more. If Miller refuses to answer questions, she isn’t fit to serve.”


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