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Miller Won’t Say if Child Sex Predator Still Works on Her Campaign

Over a week ago, the public learned for the first time that a man who served jail time for soliciting sex from a young boy on the internet served as her Mary Miller's personal chauffeur and raised money for her campaign. Since the story broke, Miller has refused to comment on the matter and won’t say whether or not the child sex predator is still working for her campaign.

Aaron DeGroot, spokesperson for Rodney Davis says her silence speaks volumes " Mary Miller’s refusal to say whether or not a child sex predator is still working on her campaign is deeply concerning. Her continued silence on this issue speaks volumes about her character and lack of judgement. As Miller likes to say, politicians are known by the people they hang around with. Voters deserve to know if Miller is still maintaining close ties with a predator.”

Bradley Graven of Sullivan, who regularly drives the Congresswoman and her family to and from events, was arrested in 2003 for indecent solicitation of a child. After making plans online to meet what he thought was a 12-year-old boy in a parking lot for sexual activities, Graven was surprised by an undercover police officer when he arrived. Graven pleaded guilty and was convicted and sentenced to 40 days in prison and two years of probation.

Congresswoman Mary Miller was scheduled to attend a press conference in Chicago announcing the creation of the Illinois Freedom Caucus but was in a backroom during the media event. Facing questions regarding her relationship with a child sexual predator, Miller hid a backroom until the press conference was over.


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