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National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Thursday, August 17, is the day to celebrate those beautiful black cats! This week we celebrated International Cat Day, but black ones are special enough to have their very own day!

Here is a perfect example of how special they are in a photo from Sally Cadagin of Springfield.

Left to Right

Spooky, acting as foster father with his siblings- Slinky, Sammy,Spunky, and Scamper

Black cats have a rich and varied history that spans cultures and civilizations. In ancient Egypt, they were revered as symbols of protection and good luck, often associated with the goddess Bastet. However, their fortunes shifted in medieval Europe, where they became linked to superstitions and witchcraft, believed to bring misfortune. This negative perception persisted for centuries, leading to persecution during witch hunts. Yet, in other parts of the world like Japan, black cats retained their positive symbolism as bringers of prosperity. Over time, black cats have reemerged as both beloved pets and symbols of mystery, embodying a complex blend of myth, fear, and reverence across different societies and eras.


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