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Navigator Refiles Application for Proposed CO2 Pipeline

Navigator has officially refiled its application for the proposed Heartland Greenway CO2 pipeline through Sangamon County and several other central Illinois counties. The decision comes after the company withdrew its initial application last month due to concerns raised by county residents and officials regarding the safety and environmental impact of the pipeline.

“Companies like Navigator are rushing forward with unproven and unsafe technologies that don’t offer real solutions to the climate crisis, despite a serious lack of state and federal regulations,” said Ann Baskerville, Sierra Club Illinois organizer and member of the Coalition to Stop CO2 Pipelines.

Residents and environmental advocates have expressed concerns about the potential impact of the pipeline on the environment, particularly on sensitive ecosystems and waterways. There are also concerns about the impact on local agriculture and farmland, as the pipeline would traverse through rural areas with extensive farmland. Additionally, some have raised concerns about the safety of the pipeline, citing potential risks of leaks, spills, and explosions.

Navigator has indicated that the revised plan addresses the concerns that have been raised since the project was first announced. Before the withdrawal, Sangamon County filed a Petition to Intervene with the ICC, citing unresolved issues involving public health and safety concerns.


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