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New Law Ensures Parental Access to Medical Records

Legislation championed by State Senator Steve McClure and sponsored by Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer has been signed into law, granting parents the right to access medical records and test results of their children aged 12 to 17. Previously, parents had access to records for children under 12, and the law allowed denial of access for older children despite requiring parental consent for medical procedures.

Senator McClure emphasized, "Parents should not face legal hurdles to access records resulting from medical procedures they consented to. This issue, especially concerning special needs children, needed resolution."

The motivation for the legislation came from Deborah Gossrow, a parent of a special needs child, who faced legal obstacles to obtaining her child's lab results. Officials say, this new law ensures smoother healthcare management for families, aligning with the best interests of the child and their caregivers.


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