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New State Central Committee Elected

Last Week, Republican central committees in all 102 counties held reorganizational meetings to elect new leadership, including members of the State Central Committee, the governing board of the Illinois Republican Party.

Members of the ILGOP State Central Committee are elected by a weighted vote of precinct committeemen within the congressional districts that appear on the November 2022 ballot (new maps). The newly elected State Central Committee members elected in Illinois’ 17 congressional districts are as follows:

Tim Ozinga, 1st District; Judy Diekelman, 2nd District; Jeanne Ives, 3rd District

Jay Reyes, 4th District; Aaron Del Mar, 5th District; Sean Morrison, 6th District

Mark Hosty, 7th District; Joan LaSonde, 9th District; Mark Shaw, 10th District

Laura Pollastrini, 11th District; Rhonda Belford, 12th District; Tim Butler, 13th District

Larry Smith, 14th District; Jason Plummer, 15th District; Jan Weber, 16th District

Chad Weaver, 17th District

Chairman Don Tracy congratulate all of the winners "I look forward to working with each and every one of them to elect Republicans statewide and up and down the ballot in November. Our party is strong, it’s united, and it will be successful in the upcoming election as more and more people wake up to the realities of failed Democrat leadership in Washington DC and Springfield. The working families of Illinois simply want safe communities, a lower cost of living, and a government that works for them, not corrupt politicians. That’s what Illinois Republicans will deliver!”


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