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New Videos Offer Sneak Peek of Transportation Hub

Sangamon County has released two new videos showcasing the Sangamon County HUB and construction updates. Both videos are now available on the county website and YouTube page.

The Sangamon County HUB, slated to open in 2025, will serve as a state-of-the-art transportation facility in downtown Springfield. The Hub will include the Amtrak station, food and beverage option, a new parking garage, and other amenities in a County Square. Visitors will also have access to a newly renovated County Building, and the Sangamon Mass Transit District bus transfer station via a sky bridge over the 10th Street railroad tracks.

The Sangamon County HUB has long been a goal of the community, and the new facility will create ADA-compliant platforms and station facilities for loading, unloading, and transferring Amtrak train, SMTD bus, and Greyhound bus passengers.

“The Hub will provide an incredible service to the community,” said County Board member Pam Deppe, “these videos offer a glimpse into the project’s progress and future benefits.”

The centralized transportation Hub will reduce travel time, relieve congestion, encourage the use of public transportation, and provide improved service to those who depend on public transportation in Illinois’ capital city.

The new videos are available on the Sangamon County website and Youtube page.


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