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Officer Atwood Receives Award for Heroic Act

For a commendable display of dedication to public safety, Officer Jake Atwood was awarded the Life Saving Award last week. Chief of Police Ken Scarlette presented the honor, recognizing Atwood's swift and critical intervention on July 24, 2023.

Responding to an accident at Veterans and Lindbergh intersection, Atwood, though off duty, didn't hesitate. A truck-bicycle collision left a bicyclist severely injured, with significant head trauma. Atwood, witnessing the incident while in his personal vehicle, acted decisively.

Drawing from his emergency medical bag, Atwood stopped profuse bleeding from the bicyclist's head wound with a trauma dressing, effectively controlling the situation until on-duty responders arrived. The victim's life hung in the balance; however, due to Atwood's rapid response, the injured party's condition was eventually upgraded to non-life threatening after a comprehensive medical evaluation at a local hospital.

City Officals say Officer Atwood's actions went above and beyond the call of duty.


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