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Opposition to SAFE-T Act Continues Across Illinois

As the January 1, 2023, implementation date for many of the provisions within the SAFE-T Act approaches, more and more state’s attorneys are voicing their concerns about serious flaws in the Act that will make it incredibly difficult for many violent offenders to be held in pre-trial detention. The SAFE-T Act was approved in the middle of the night during a Lame Duck session of the General Assembly, with zero Republicans voting in favor of the bill. During the bill debate, Senate Republicans warned that the provisions of the Act would make communities less safe. With the implementation date less than four months away, Senate Republicans are renewing their call for removal of the most dangerous portions of the bill, which tie the hands of judges and severely limit their ability to hold many individuals accused of violent crimes in pre-trial detention. Senator Sally Turner is a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 4158, which would repeal changes to the Bail Reform Act contained in the SAFE-T Act. Democrats refused to consider the bill, and never assigned it for a hearing. The Senate Republicans’ public safety bill package can be found at


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