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Organ/Tissue Donor Registry Hits 7.5 Million Registrants

Secretary of State Jesse White announced that the state’s organ/tissue donor registry reached 7.5 million registrants. "I am so proud that Illinoisans have shown their giving and caring spirit by signing up for this lifesaving program,” said White. "Our mission over the past 24 years has been to strengthen the Organ/Tissue Donor Program through outreach and registration initiatives. We have worked to end the waiting for the approximately 4,000 people statewide. Each year, unfortunately, about 300 people die waiting for a transplant in Illinois.”

Of the more than 12.8 million people living in Illinois, 10,146,583 qualify to become organ/tissue donors. Of those, 74% have registered as organ/tissue donors.

In addition, more than 270,000 16- and 17-year-olds have registered with the program since 2018, when Secretary White initiated a law allowing them to register as organ and tissue donors.

"I believe our public awareness campaign, including television, radio and social media ads have helped encourage people to register,” said White. "It takes less than a minute to register and one person can improve the quality of life for up to 25 people.”

Secretary White has headed the state’s Organ/Tissue Donor Registry since 1999. He has visited countless hospitals, schools, libraries, Driver Service facilities as well as other venues to promote and register Illinoisans for the donor program. Secretary White has a personal connection to organ donation because his sister, Doris Ivy, received a kidney transplant from an anonymous donor that extended her life for 28 years.


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