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Outdoor Hall of Fame Nominations Now Open

The Illinois Conservation Foundation (ICF) is celebrating outstanding individuals who have dedicated themselves to the preservation and enhancement of natural resources and outdoor recreational opportunities. Since 2002, the ICF has hosted the prestigious Illinois Outdoor Hall of Fame, recognizing the remarkable contributions of outdoor sportsmen and women, conservationists, and preservationists.

Nominations for the Hall of Fame are now open and will remain so until July 14. This esteemed honor has historically recognized no more than five exceptional individuals each year, ensuring that only the most deserving candidates receive this recognition. Selected honorees will be invited to attend the annual Hall of Fame Gala, a grand event where their accomplishments will be acknowledged and celebrated.

To nominate an individual, simply submit a nomination application in PDF format via email. Please note that mail-in applications will not be accepted. For detailed information on the nomination process and requirements, interested parties can visit the ICF's official website.

The Illinois Outdoor Hall of Fame serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment and passion displayed by these conservation heroes. Join us in recognizing and honoring the individuals who have gone above and beyond to protect and promote Illinois' natural heritage.


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