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Outdoor Hall of Fame Welcomes Five Dedicated Conservationists

The Illinois Conservation Foundation announced five individuals have been named as inductees into the Illinois Outdoor Hall of Fame. Deanna Bazan, renowned as "the Outdoor Ed. Lady," has spent over three decades fostering environmental awareness among students, emphasizing the significance of responsible stewardship. The late David Monk, through his radio show and creative initiatives, passionately advocated for prairie conservation, leaving a lasting legacy even after his passing in 2022.

Peter M. Murphy, with over 43 years of service, has been a driving force behind the success of Illinois parks, recreation, and conservation. His contagious enthusiasm has inspired leaders and citizens alike to appreciate the profound benefits of natural spaces. Ed Pfaff, the Montgomery village forestry supervisor, has dedicated his efforts to preserving urban tree collections and educating communities about native species and conservation. Gretchen Steele, an award-winning outdoors photographer, has tirelessly worked to inform and educate outdoor enthusiasts, fostering a deeper understanding of Illinois' natural beauty.

These individuals will be formally inducted during the annual Illinois Conservation Foundation Gala in spring 2024.


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