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Palazzolo Offers Fresh Starts Through Expungement

Sangamon County, in collaboration with the Springfield Urban League, Land of Lincoln Legal Aid, the Sangamon County Bar Association, and other service agencies, is providing a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking a fresh start. Expungement and record sealing can be life-changing for those with criminal records.

Expungement effectively eliminates arrests or charges from a person's record, providing them with a clean slate. The Sangamon County Circuit Clerk's Office, recognizing the significance of this process, aims to assist eligible individuals in navigating the expungement and record sealing procedures.

To determine eligibility for record expungement or sealing, interested individuals are encouraged to pre-register by July 23. Pre-registered participants will receive comprehensive support in filing for adult criminal record expungement, record sealing, and alternative forms of relief. Following pre-registration, the Office of the State Appellate Defender (OSAD), Land of Lincoln, or a private attorney will reach out to individuals for further guidance.

The motivation behind this event stems from the recognition that certain criminal records, even those dating back decades, can pose significant hurdles during job searches and background checks. Expungement provides individuals with the opportunity to break free from the constraints imposed by past convictions and embark on a fresh start.

"Expungement and record sealing can be transformative for individuals burdened by past criminal records," stated Paul Palazzolo, Sangamon County Circuit Clerk. "We are committed to partnering with organizations like the Springfield Urban League, Land of Lincoln Legal Aid, and the Sangamon County Bar Association to provide support and resources that empower individuals to start anew.”

To register for this life-changing opportunity, individuals can initiate the pre-registration process by contacting the OSAD at 866-787-1776 Ext 5. Additionally, a $30 background record must be obtained from Identi-Check, located at 525 E. Washington St. Further information can be obtained by contacting the circuit clerk at 217-753-6674 or by visiting


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