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Park District Promotes Pollinator Gardens

The Springfield Park District is gearing up for a special event to promote pollinator gardens in the area. On Sunday, May 13th, residents are invited to come to Erin's Pavilion in Southwind Park to pick up some milkweed and learn about pollinators in their neighborhood.

Milkweed is a crucial plant for monarch butterflies, which rely on it as their sole food source during their caterpillar stage. However, milkweed is also beneficial for other pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds. By planting milkweed in their yards, residents can help support the local ecosystem and increase the population of these important pollinators.

The event is part of a larger initiative by the Springfield Park District to encourage the creation of pollinator gardens throughout the city. According to the Park District's website, pollinator gardens are "easy to maintain, low-cost, and provide an opportunity to learn about the natural world while creating a habitat for wildlife."

In addition to the milkweed giveaway at Erin's Pavilion, the Park District will also be giving out milkweed at various parks throughout the weekend. Residents are encouraged to find the Park District at their neighborhood park to pick up some milkweed and start their own pollinator garden.

For more information about the event or pollinator gardens, residents can visit the Springfield Park Foundation's website at or call 217-544-1751.


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