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“Pawfficer” Joins LLCC Police Ranks

Ember, the new outreach and therapy dog at Lincoln Land Community College, was formally sworn in as a “pawfficer” in the LLCC Police Department.

LLCC Police Chief Chris Russell asked Ember to “solemnly swear to provide both students and staff with comfort and to lower stress and anxiety, to be an ambassador for the police department in their outreach to students, and to help build better relationships and increase the overall quality of life at Lincoln Land Community College.” Ember agreed to do so, affixing her signature (pawprint) to the document. She then received her official LLCC police department vest before receiving many congratulatory pets from staff and students.

Dr. Charlotte Warren, president of LLCC, led the ceremony. “LLCC has an excellent and dedicated police department that provides 24/7 security coverage as well as many educational and outreach activities. As part of that outreach, we are very pleased to welcome Ember to the LLCC family. Ember is a two-year-old rescue dog who completed her therapy and outreach training at SIT Service Dogs in Ava, Illinois. Accompanied by Officer Tammy Baehr, Ember has been making friends and spreading joy among our students and staff ever since.”

Chief Russell commented, “I could not have envisioned Ember’s popularity with students and staff. We have had more students visit our office in the last two weeks than in the entire two years before.”

Ember is sponsored by West Lake Animal Hospital and Pup.E.Tails pet grooming.


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