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Pritzker Dodges His Own Record in Final Debate

In the final Illinois gubernatorial debate, Governor Pritzker failed once again to provide any specifics regarding how he would solve skyrocketing crime in our state. He dodged answers on how he would remedy the major faults in the [Un] SAFE-T Act, refused to grade Mayor Lightfoot and Kim Foxx’s performance, and doubled down on support for his DCFS director who has been held in contempt of court 12 times. Meanwhile, Darren Bailey highlighted Pritzker’s failures and the damage that his policies have done to our state’s largest city.

“I’m gonna call it Pritzkerville because every one of Gov. Pritzker’s extreme policies are destroying the city — out of control crime, devastated education, the fact that corporations are packing up and leaving every day,” said Senator Darren Bailey. “Now I think Pritzkerville fits quite well because Gov. Pritzker, it’s time for him to own it.”

Since Pritzker has taken office, violent crime is up while residents and businesses flee Chicago in droves – citing high taxes, crime, and the anti-business climate. Already this year Boeing, Caterpillar, and Citadel have announced intentions to leave their Chicago headquarters for safer and more pro-business states – with other important businesses considering leaving.

“Pritzker’s policies have turned Chicago into a dystopian version – Pritzkerville – which may soon spread into the suburbs and downstate. Only by electing a new Governor can we begin to rebuild from the damage he caused and once again make our communities safe for residents and businesses. That is the message that Darren Bailey delivered last night,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy.


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