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Pritzker Speaks to Citizens Club of Springfield

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker addressed a gathering at the Hoogland Center for the Arts auditorium, engaging in a comprehensive dialogue with the Citizens Club of Springfield on Thursday evening. 

Against the backdrop of the state's economic landscape, Pritzker outlined the strides made during his tenure to bolster Illinois' financial vitality, asserting that the policies implemented over his five-year incumbency have significantly enhanced the state's competitive edge.

During a Q&A session, the Governor addressed pertinent issues directly impacting Springfield, notably shedding light on ongoing discussions with Mayor Misty Buscher regarding the transformation of the Y Block. Pritzker articulated a vision for the potential site, advocating for its complete accessibility to the public, regardless of the season.

With Springfield’s considerable population of retired state employees, Pritzker reassured constituents of his commitment to preserving the integrity of promised pensions, pledging to uphold the state's obligation.


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