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Protect Yourself from Malicious Actors

The prevalence of malicious actors targeting mobile devices and personal information continues to cause concerns. These individuals employ various tactics, setting traps to gain unauthorized access, compromising sensitive data and individuals' lives.

One such tactic is 'Juice Jacking,' where malicious actors replace USB charging ports with tampered hardware, granting full access to a user's phone. Unsuspecting individuals, especially in public locations, may unknowingly plug their phones into compromised ports, granting access to malicious actors. Although uncommon, Juice Jacking incidents can remain undetected for months or even years.

To protect against Juice Jacking:

  • Use only your own charging cord.

  • Avoid public USB charging ports.

  • Use your charging cord and an electrical outlet in public locations.

  • Phishing is another prevalent technique, where fraudulent emails or texts deceive users into revealing information or installing malware through corrupted links. In 2022, over 300,000 fell victim to phishing attacks in the US alone. These attacks constantly evolve, making them difficult to detect.

To spot phishing scams:

  • Check for typos in email addresses or text.

  • Be cautious of emails offering rewards or discounts.

  • Question unexpected or unsolicited communication.

  • Never share sensitive information through email.

  • Beware of emails pressuring urgent action.

  • When in doubt, err on the side of caution. Ignore suspicious emails and verify their authenticity directly.

Geotagging, adding location metadata to photos or social media posts, can pose risks when accessed by malicious actors. Intentional tagging in public places generally poses minimal threat. However, caution is needed with private locations. Automatic geotagging on mobile devices can inadvertently reveal users' whereabouts.

Protect yourself from geotagging risks:

  • Post photos taken in public spaces.

  • Limit location tags in social media posts.

  • Make your social media accounts private.

  • Disable geotagging on your device.

Stay informed about malicious actors' tactics and adopt basic internet safety measures. By remaining vigilant, you can enjoy online experiences while safeguarding your personal information.


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