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Public Health Applauds "Gold Award" Recipients for Food Safety

The Sangamon County Department of Public Health (SCDPH) recently announced the 2023 "Gold Award" recipients, recognizing the exceptional commitment to food safety among local establishments. This marks the 26th year of honoring Sangamon County food service providers.

The Gold Award recipients are selected based on their inspection history throughout the 2023 calendar year, aligning with the revised criteria following Illinois State's adoption of the 2017 FDA Food Code.

Qualifying establishments, including Class I and Class II facilities, exhibit:

  • Compliance with certified food protection manager standards

  • Minimal violations: no more than two Priority or Priority Foundation violations for Class I facilities, and no more than one for Class II facilities

  • Limited Core violations: no more than three within Class I or Class II facilities

  • Consistent ownership throughout the year

  • Positive operational behaviors observed during inspections

  • Absence of violations necessitating a return visit

First-time awardees are eligible for a 5% rebate on their annual food permit fee, while consecutive winners may receive increased rebates of up to 20%. The complete list of recipients is available on the SCDPH website for reference.


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