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Redpath-Feger Agenda Continues Modernization of City Treasurer's Office

Springfield City Treasurer candidate Colleen Redpath Feger announced her strategy to continue the great gains in the modernization of the City Treasurer’s collection and communication capabilities. Colleen’s proposal will continue to move forward for Springfield residents more access and opportunity to remotely pay city violations while opening more lines of financial communication between City Departments and the City Treasurer’s office for greater transparency of city government operations to the public.

“As the current Springfield Deputy Treasurer, I have been exposed to and learned from the bottom-up in every division of the office. In doing so, I have first-hand witnessed our substantial gains in new capabilities that have improved and speed-up collection services. I look to build upon these areas for continued better customer service for Springfield residents,” said Redpath Feger. “Also, establishing more open lines of electronic communication internally between the City Treasurer’s office and City Departments will offer Springfield residents more access and transparency to our financial condition in real-time. We all deserve to know more about the interworkings of our city government, and the City Treasurer’s office is the perfect place to bring more transparency to City government.”

Redpath Feger’s proposal includes: Top priority highlight, encourage and secure online payments of city violations and parking tickets; Implement a text communication and collection system of city violations and parking tickets; Implement an online “Live Chat” feature to real-time communication and answer questions directly with the public; And Streamline City Department financial data and uploading the data more regularly for greater public transparency.

The Consolidated General Election is April 4, 2023. Early Voting and Vote by Mail starts February 23, 2023.


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