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Reising Campaign Launches New Ad

The Reporter has learned that Jesse Reising, Republican candidate for Illinois’ Thirteenth Congressional District, is out with a new ad with the clear message that he is the tough on crime candidate who will fight back against the “Defund the Police” movement in Congress. The ad focuses on his experience as a federal criminal prosecutor where he put criminals behind bars. Jesse Reising, a sixth-generation son of Decatur, has a proven track record of getting results. He went to Afghanistan as a civilian, launched a veterans’ service organization, empowered thousands of veterans to succeed in college, and prosecuted criminals domestically and abroad. “The tough-on-crime Biden of the 90s is long gone— he’s no longer standing up for our law enforcement,” said Jesse Reising, candidate for Illinois’ thirteenth congressional district. “As a former federal prosecutor, I understand the vital role law enforcement plays in our communities. I’ll support federal funding directed towards officer recruitment and retention and call out progressive prosecutors who fail to hold criminals accountable.”

Reising recently earned endorsements from the Sangamon County Republican Central Committee, Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell, and former Sangamon County Sheriff Neil Williamson. When asked by The Reporter about whether more Sangamon County endorsements will be announced, Reising said “Yes, we will be announcing many more endorsements in the coming days and weeks as we continue to build momentum in this race.”


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