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Republican Women Announce Scholarship Opportunity

The Sangamon County Republican Women are awarding two $1000 scholarships for their 2023 Annual Rosemarie Long Scholarship Program. The scholarship opportunity is open to Republican women from Sangamon County who are a high school senior or older, and who are pursuing education beyond the high school level. This may include college, nursing school, trade school, graduate school, or specialized educational programs.

The scholarship is named in honor of Rosemarie Long, the previous Chairwoman of the Sangamon County Republicans and a longtime advocate for women's education. Rosemarie Long was a strong and dedicated leader of the Republican Party in Sangamon County, known for her hard work, graciousness, and loyalty. She played a key role in recruiting, supporting, and counseling many of the Republicans who have become leaders in the community. Long was particularly enthusiastic about encouraging young Republican women to seek elected office and engage in grassroots political action. In honor of Long's commitment to promoting Republican ideals, values, and community improvement, the Sangamon County Republican Women are proud to offer the Rosemarie Long Scholarship to Republican women from Sangamon County pursuing education beyond high school.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be a high school senior or older and a part of the Sangamon County Republican community or have close ties to it. If the recipient is a current student, she must have a C average or better. Applicants must submit a completed scholarship application, along with two references by non-family members and a description of their volunteer and/or political activities. Each applicant must also write an essay of no more than two typed pages with the theme, "Why I am interested in being a Republican." The application packet must be sent to Elizabeth Delheimer, Scholarship Committee Chairman, and must be received by March 31, 2023.

The Scholarship Committee will review the applications and notify the winners. The funds may be used to pay for any expenses associated with the 2023-2024 school year, including tuition, books, and living expenses. Funds will be distributed after proof of enrollment.

The scholarships will be announced at the annual Sangamon County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner on Wednesday, May 3, 2023. Each of the winners will be asked to read her essay at the Lincoln Day Dinner and the annual fall luncheon hosted by the Sangamon County Republican Women.

The Sangamon County Republican Women are dedicated to supporting Republican women who are pursuing higher education, and these scholarships are just one way that they are doing so. With the deadline for applications fast approaching, interested candidates are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible to be considered for these prestigious scholarships.


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