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Republicans Host Event for Emerging Women Leaders

Last week the Illinois House Republicans held a special event to recognize the achievements of nearly 50 women from across the state who have shown great leadership in their careers and communities. The Emerging Women Leaders Recognition Event provided an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of these women and to discuss the challenges they have faced in their professional and personal lives.

The event began with a brunch, during which keynote speaker Lisa Holder White, the first black woman to serve on the Illinois Supreme Court, gave an inspiring speech about the obstacles women face in achieving positions of leadership. She emphasized the need for women to make space for themselves in government and urged the honorees to continue to strive for success.

Following the brunch, the honorees participated in a listening session with Leader Tony McCombie, the first female Minority Leader in the Illinois House of Representatives, and Juliana Stratton, the first black Lieutenant Governor in state history. Together, they discussed the challenges faced by women in politics and encouraged suggestions for ways that Illinois government can help.

Later, the honorees were given the opportunity to watch the day's legislative session in the Illinois House of Representatives from the House Speaker's Gallery. Leader Tony McCombie took a moment to recognize the guests from the House floor, commending their achievements as Emerging Women Leaders.

The event concluded with a tour of the Capitol, led by the first female Architect of the Illinois Capitol, Andrea Aggertt. Throughout the day, the honorees had the chance to connect with other women in leadership roles and to share their own stories of success and struggle.


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