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Roadway Safety is Not a Game

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Break out the virtual quarters and get ready to battle for the high score with your friends while helping to drive down crashes and fatalities on Illinois roads. As part of its ongoing "It’s Not a Game” campaign, the Illinois Department of Transportation has opened a new desktop arcade with games inspired by classic favorites that promote safe driving practices and educate the public on the rules of the road.  

"Gaming is a favorite pastime of the core audiences we are trying to reach with our traffic safety campaigns. The virtual arcade is one way of mixing education and entertainment to deliver the message that you can do your part to make Illinois roads safer,” said Illinois Transportation Secretary Omer Osman. "We encourage you to play and play often in your free time, sharing the results on social media. Our goal is to reach a high score of zero – the only number of traffic fatalities that is truly acceptable.” 

In its third year, "It’s Not a Game” is a comprehensive multimedia approach by IDOT to reduce injuries and fatalities associated with motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, speeding, seat belts and work zones, as well as impaired and distracted driving. Each game is linked to a campaign theme. 

But this trip to the arcade is more about having fun with a stop at the mall food court afterward. It’s a strategic effort to encourage positive behavior and drive traffic to the "It’s Not a Game” website, where the public can access a wealth of educational materials and resources about safe driving practices, upcoming initiatives and how they can contribute to safer roads across Illinois. 

To roll out the games, IDOT has started a promotional campaign featuring satirical takes on clickbait streamer titles. The humorous and eye-catching promotions are designed to capture attention, drawing the audience in to explore both the games and the serious messages behind them.

 "It’s Not a Game” is made possible by federal traffic safety funds administered by IDOT and done in partnership with DCC Marketing of Decatur. For more information, visit

According to provisional data, 1,242 people died on Illinois roads in 2023, the eighth consecutive year of more than 1,000 traffic fatalities in the state, mirroring a national trend. This year, there have been 436 deaths on Illinois roads, based on preliminary statistics through May 30, a decrease of 17 from a year ago.


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