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Sangamon County Animal Control: Zero Violation in Two Additional Surprise Inspections

The State of Illinois completed two additional surprise inspections at the Sangamon County Animal Control Adoption Center. Once again, the Department of Agriculture found zero violations at the facility, giving animal control the highest possible marks in all 12 categories. This is the second inspection by the Department of Agriculture​ in three weeks after sensational allegations of systemic animal abuse and criminal ​neglect at the animal control facility arose on social media.

In addition to the surprise inspection by the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, also, conducted a surprise inspection. This inspection, also, found no violations. The inspection found that: All four euthanasia technicians are appropriately licensed by the State, equipment is clean and in good working order, and the controlled substances are safely secured. The State noted a need for improved monthly and annual record-keeping regarding the supply of controlled substances; Animal Control immediately updated its record-keeping process to accommodate this request.

Sangamon County Board Chairman, Andy Van Meter: "Although some tinfoil hat crackpots will, no doubt, dismiss these results, I hope the general public will be reassured to hear that the County's animal control department has now passed three surprise inspections involving two different departments of state government that are in charge of regulating animal control. I am confident that the Illinois State Police will continue their investigation of the sensational allegations against the department wherever the investigation may lead. And in the meantime, we await a study the County requested months ago comparing animal control services to similar counties in Illinois. All of the information we receive will be shared with the public."

The Illinois State Police (ISP) investigation requested by the County Board is ongoing; ISP has begun interviewing those who claim to have pertinent information. As ISP continues its investigation, the County welcomes frequent inspections and will continue to meet and exceed expectations set by the State of Illinois. We will make a detailed report of the investigation available. ​


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