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Sangamon County Expands Weatherization Program

Sangamon County Community Resources has been awarded an additional quarter-million dollar grant from the State of Illinois to perform weatherization services. Sangamon recently took control of the weatherization program for neighboring Macon County.

The weatherization program for Sangamon and Macon County provides energy conservation services (such as attic and wall insulation, caulking, glazing, weather stripping etc.) to income-eligible clients based on income for the preceding twelve months for all members in the household. Furnace tune-ups, retrofits and repairs are included with dollar limits for all work done.

Sangamon County Board Member Paul Truax encouraged residents in need to apply, " The weatherization program can really help people save on their utility bills. It's no secret that utility costs are dramatically increasing. The community resources staff stands ready to help any family in need. Even the more basic services, like furnace tune-ups and cleanings, could save residents hundreds of dollars this winter."

In 2022-2023, the County anticipates weatherizing 100 homes in Sangamon and Macon Counties. Interested residents may call to be 217-535-3120 to begin the application process.


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