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Sangamon County Requests ISP Investigation of Animal Control Allegations

Statement from County Board Chairman Andy Van Meter

Sangamon County has requested the Illinois State Police investigate alleged criminal abuse and neglect of animals at the Sangamon County Animal Control & Adoption Center. The allegations made against staff and the leadership of the facility are extremely serious. With these serious criminal allegations, an independent investigation by law enforcement is the appropriate next step.

We request that ISP interview animal control staff, the leadership of organizations making allegations, and anybody having relevant factual information. Should any of the allegations prove to be accurate, Sangamon County will not hesitate to act. However, to date, we have no proof to support these allegations. Sensational statements and allegations made by organizations cause long-term credibility issues for the organizations and unnecessary mistrust in government. An independent investigation will provide much-needed answers to the public. The county is expecting to hear back from ISP within a few days.

We also welcome a spot inspection of the facility from the Illinois Department of Agriculture, the division of state government that has direct supervisory authority over animal control facilities. By their nature, these inspections must be unscheduled and without the knowledge of the county or animal control personnel. We hope an inspection will take place at the earliest time, and the findings will be made available to the public.

Virtually every enterprise in our community is struggling with inadequate staffing levels. Our undermanned animal control staff has worked diligently to provide the service our community rightfully expects. But no organization is perfect. We are sure that our operation can be improved.

To address comments made by Springfield Alderperson Kristin DiCenso that described Animal Control as a profit-making endeavor by the county, attached is a four-year financial analysis of animal control. This report was compiled by the Sangamon County Auditor's office and is available to any member of the public. With the exception of personnel records, all county financial information is available to any member of the public. Again, baseless accusation without supporting facts is a disservice to a caring public.

If Springfield Alderperson Kristin DiCenso can produce any facts to support her accusation that the county provides animal control services to other cities and villages at no cost, we welcome her full explanation of that accusation and will be happy to make any county record available to her.

When we renewed the animal control contract with the City of Springfield, we suggested a three-year contract to give the City of Springfield time to study and implement its own animal control service, if it wished to do so. While we think that will prove disadvantageous to the community, ultimately, that decision is for Springfield City leadership. But, it may be helpful to point out that we are currently 14 months from the conclusion of the 3-year contract.

We will continue to rely on our very dedicated community veterinarians for their guidance on the best practices for managing the animal control facility.


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