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Serenity Room Transformed by Frank and Linda Vala

St. John's Children's Hospital received a heartfelt gift as Frank and Linda Vala, local business owners and philanthropists, donated a remarkable sum of $100,000. The generous contribution remodeled a dedicated space known as the Serenity Room, providing solace and privacy for families who have tragically lost a child during their hospital stay.

The Serenity Room is an invaluable sanctuary that allows grieving families to find solace away from the public eye, providing a tranquil environment to mourn their irreplaceable loss. The remodeled space will serve as a haven where families can seek solace, reflect, and honor the memory of their beloved children.

The dedication of the Serenity Room holds a profound personal significance for the Vala family. It commemorates the 72nd birthday of James Dennis "Buddy" Corn Jr., the younger brother of Linda (Corn) Vala and Wanda Corn, who sadly passed away at the tender age of 7 months due to Meningitis. This act of remembrance not only honors Buddy's memory but also celebrates his spirit and the countless lives that have been touched by his story.

Frank and Linda Vala's commitment to supporting St. John's Children's Hospital demonstrates dedication to fostering healing and compassion within the community. Their act of kindness and empathy will undoubtedly provide immeasurable comfort to grieving families during their darkest moments, enveloping them in a nurturing environment that acknowledges their pain while offering respite from the public eye.

The impact of the Vala family's donation extends far beyond bricks and mortar. It represents a powerful message of solidarity, empathy, and love to those navigating the overwhelming journey of grief. The remodeled Serenity Room will stand as a testament to their unwavering belief in the power of compassion and the importance of honoring the memory of lost loved ones.

St. John's Children's Hospital, along with the families who will find solace within the newly remodeled Serenity Room, expressed their deepest gratitude to the Vala's for their incredible generosity. Their donation will create a lasting legacy of healing and hope.


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