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Sheriff Proposes New Firearms Training Facility

Sangamon County Sheriff Jack Campbell presented plans for a proposed Sheriff's Office Firearms Training Facility at the Illiopolis Village Board Meeting earlier this week. The meeting served as an informational session to discuss the potential project and to hear and address various concerns.

Sheriff Campbell has emphasized the need for community involvement in the decision-making process in discussions with the village board, which have been ongoing for several months. No plans or agreements have been finalized.

Key points addressed during the meeting included noise and safety concerns associated with the proposed facility, as well as the need for further research on issues such as water drainage.

Sheriff Campbell proposed allowing village residents, including juniors, access to the facility for instructed shooting sessions on designated days.

"The new facility would allow additional training opportunities for Sangamon County Deputies and other law enforcement officers in the area. Enhanced training facilities are essential for ensuring the safety and preparedness of our law enforcement personnel," Sheriff Campbell said. "I look forward to engaging Illiopolis area residents on this proposal."

The potential economic benefits for the village were also highlighted, with Sheriff Campbell noting the positive impact on local businesses and the significant increase in law enforcement presence, which would enhance security and safety within the community.

The proposed site, which has remained inactive for over 20 years following the Formosa explosion, presents an opportunity for revitalization and development.

Following the meeting, Sheriff Campbell said he would attend and schedule future meetings with updates and to address further questions or concerns from the community.


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