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Sheriff's Office Warns of Telephone Scam

The Sangamon County Sheriff's Office has issued a warning regarding a resurgence of telephone scams targeting residents. Impersonating "Sgt. Owens" from the Sheriff's Office, the scammer informs individuals that they have an arrest warrant and demands payment to resolve the alleged issue. Some victims are also told that a family member or friend is currently in custody, adding to the emotional manipulation.

The Sheriff’s Office says there is no "Sgt. Owens" employed by the Sangamon County Sheriff's Office, and the authorities never request or demand money over the phone under any circumstances.

To protect themselves, the public is advised to exercise caution when answering calls from unknown numbers and to refrain from sharing personal or financial information without verifying the caller's identity. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides detailed information on various phone scams and tips to enhance personal security in an article accessible at

The Sangamon County Sheriff's Office urges residents to remain vigilant and raise awareness about these fraudulent activities. By staying informed and adopting preventive measures, individuals can safeguard themselves against such scams. And Remember to verify the authenticity of callers and never disclose sensitive information.


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