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Springfield Launches 2024 Edition of BUILD Program

The City of Springfield announced the launch of the 2024 edition of the BUILD Springfield program, an initiative spearheaded by Mayor Misty Buscher to foster community growth, development, and the focused improvement of blight and public safety in Springfield's neighborhoods. Building on the success of its inaugural year, this transformative program will continue to operate for a year, beginning May 28, and aims to create a healthier, safer, and more vibrant Springfield.


The BUILD Springfield program, which stands for Beautification, Unity, Innovation, Leadership, and Development, has been strategically designed to positively impact Springfield's neighborhoods and residents. The program leverages innovative and non-traditional approaches to improve the quality of life in distressed areas. Mayor Buscher and the City of Springfield say they are committed to delivering resources effectively to neighborhoods in need by encouraging collaboration between local government, citizens, and organizations to enhance the integrity of our city.


Since its inception in October 2022 by the Springfield Police Department under Chief Scarlette’s leadership and the amplified commitment by Mayor Misty Buscher in 2023, the BUILD Springfield flagship program has set a precedent for incredible impact. The program has; reached 5000+ residents through proactive door-to-door knocking by City staff, including City Director and leadership; proactively collected 200+ service requests and distributed educational resources to residents about City services; partnered with 34 local organizations to facilitate improved and equitable access to resources and services; brought 200+ City staff to engage directly with our community residents to better understand the challenges and lived experiences of our Springfield community; monitored an average of ~8.8% quarterly reduction in gunshot detection since its launch in October 2022 through the Springfield Police Department’s committed partnership with SoundThinking Inc.


What’s new in 2024 with the BUILD program?

Zone Managers and Neighborhood Police Officers (NPOs) to take the lead: With Mayor Misty Buscher’s vision for Zone Managers for proactive assessment of neighborhood-specific challenges and resident concerns – the City’s Zone managers will take the lead this year in door-to-door knocking and becoming the conduit between our residents and the City Hall.

A new civic engagement phone app is being developed for our residents: The City of Springfield is working diligently to offer a City of Springfield phone app that can be easily downloaded through the Android or Apple app store. The app will allow residents to submit service requests and concerns on the go, at their fingertips!

Focus on neighborhood clean-ups and door-to-door work: Office of Public Works crews and our zone managers will work this year in Springfield neighborhoods, focusing on neighborhood clean-ups and proactively collecting service requests.


Mayor Misty Buscher said, "I am so excited to see the positive changes that the continuation of the BUILD initiative in 2024 will bring to our community. With the introduction of new Zone Managers and Neighborhood Police Officers, we are committed to working more closely with our citizens. Together, we will create a lasting impact on community development and neighborhood improvement.”


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