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Springfield Plastics Donates $137K to Simmons Cancer Institute

Springfield Plastics made its annual donation to Simmons Cancer Institute through its Drain for the Cure fundraiser at a check presentation last week. “We are proud to have such a generous community around us at Springfield Plastics and so happy to support the efforts of Simmons Cancer Institute in providing care right here in our community to patients with cancer,” said Steve Baker, President, Springfield Plastics. “To honor our family members, friends, employees, and partners lost and support those still fighting their own cancer battle means so very much to our company.” Springfield Plastics presented Simmons Cancer Institute with a check for $137,069 from their 2022 Drain for the Cure fundraiser. Since its inception nine years ago, Drain for the Cure has donated more than $675,000 to cancer research and patient services at Simmons Cancer Institute in Springfield and John Stoddard Cancer Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Donations were made by employees, customers, vendors, business partners, and friends of Springfield Plastics.

“Back when Steve Baker and his team first contacted Simmons Cancer Institute to start the Drain for the Cure campaign in 2014, we were delighted and sure that something good would come from it. But this has surpassed all our expectations,” stated Dr. Aziz Khan, Executive Director, Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU. “The people from our community and beyond who have given to Springfield Plastics through the years are here with us in spirit today. These friends and neighbors have helped to make an impact in our research and patient care programs. We are so very grateful for their kindness and continued generosity.”

Donations were also collected through an initiative held by Dale Himstedt of D&H Drainage and Shane Gray of S&J Trucking called Grain for the Cure in which Himstedt and Gray picked up donations of grain right from the field from any farmer willing to drop a few bushels into their dump wagon. Himstedt and Gray then took the grain to a local elevator to be sold in the donors’ names. Himstedt brought in over $22,000 and Gray, along with a match from the Scoular Foundation, received $10,000 in donations to further Springfield Plastics’ fundraising efforts. “Dale and Shane not only run outstanding companies but are also exceptionally caring people,” said Baker. “Their generosity of time and resources toward helping us raise funds really is amazing and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts.” The local communities where Springfield Plastics operates also got involved in the fundraiser through Game for the Cure, a football game hosted by Auburn High School. Cancer survivors and their families were given an opportunity to share their stories at half-time. Attendees could purchase Drain for the Cure merchandise and proceeds were all donated to Drain for the Cure.


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