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Springfield's Drinking Water Meets and Exceeds Standards

In their newest water quality report, available for online viewing, CWLP proudly shared that their drinking water meets all regulatory standards set by the USEPA and the State of Illinois. Additionally, there have been no violations of contaminant levels or any other water quality standards.

To maintain such high-quality water, CWLP operates a 24-hour laboratory where chemists and plant operators consistently monitor the water quality throughout the treatment process. This rigorous process ensures that the finished drinking water meets or exceeds all regulatory standards.

Lake Springfield serves as the primary source of the city's water, and the report provides details on the water's content and how it compares to the standards set by regulatory agencies. The report also includes multiple levels of monitoring undertaken to evaluate the production of drinking water.

CWLP takes pride in the quality of their water, and the report is accessible to all customers online. Customers can also request a printed copy of the report to be mailed to them by contacting the customer service hotline or via email.

CWLP's efforts to ensure the safety and quality of drinking water should give the residents of Springfield peace of mind. With a rigorous treatment process and constant monitoring, customers can feel confident in the water that comes out of their taps.


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