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Survey Finds Illinois has Top-10 Property Tax Burden

The nonpartisan Tax Foundation has surveyed the median property tax burdens borne by homeowners in all 50 states. Based on 2021 U.S. Census data, the Tax Foundation has labeled Illinois the 6th most expensive state in the United States in terms of median annual property tax bills. In addition to its top-10 status, Illinois had the highest property tax burden of any state outside of the U.S. Northeast.

The median Illinois annual property tax bill, according to the Tax Foundation, is $4,744. This is equivalent to an additional housing cost of almost $400/month for the median Illinois residential home. Each Illinoisan’ property tax bill is based upon local assessment conditions, and many Illinois residents face much higher burdens.

Of the 50 U.S. states, 44 have lower median property tax bills than Illinois. The disparity is dramatic along the Illinois-Indiana border; the Hoosier State (43rd overall) mails its homeowners a median bill of $1,308/year, only a bit more than one-quarter the bills charged in Illinois. The neighboring states of Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, and Wisconsin also enjoy much lower property tax bills than Illinois.


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