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Lenient sentences, struggling with definitions, comments on critical race theory… Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hearings before the Senate only raised more questions about her record. Here are the top takeaways: Lenient Sentences on Heinous Criminals

  • Jackson could not explain why she gave lenient sentences to child predators 100% of the time. Some of her excuses included calling an 18-year-old predator “peers” with his victims and citing his “diplomas.”

  • A child predator broke the terms of his release a few years after Jackson gave him an extremely lenient sentence. When asked how he broke the terms, she claimed she could not remember even though she signed the paperwork recommitting him and said she remembered the case “well” in 2021.

  • Per reporting from The Washington Post, the child sex offender had continued his predatory behavior after being released.

Soft on Crime

Refused To Answer Basic Questions

Tied To Critical Race Theory

The main takeaway: Jackson should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court.


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