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Turner Encourages Summer Learning with Book Club

State Senator Doris Turner is taking an initiative to emphasize the significance of summer learning by organizing a Summer Book Club. The program aims to motivate students to engage in reading and continue their studies during the summer vacation.

According to Turner, "Reading keeps students engaged throughout the summer. I hope students of all ages will take advantage of this program to make reading a habit and be rewarded for it."

Participation in the Summer Book Club requires students to select and read eight books of their choice during the summer break. To complete the program, students must record the titles of the books on a designated form, which should be returned to Senator Turner's office by Aug. 18. As an incentive, every child who successfully completes the Summer Book Club will receive a gift card and a certificate from Senator Turner.

Forms for the Summer Book Club can be downloaded from For further inquiries, individuals may contact Senator Turner's office at 217-782-0228.


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