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Turner Secures Over $310,000 for Local Libraries

State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) has successfully obtained substantial financial support for five local libraries within the 48th Senate District. The grants, totaling over $310,000, aim to bolster educational resources and enhance community services.

Recognizing the pivotal role libraries play in fostering knowledge and growth among students and residents, Senator Turner expressed her strong support for the funding. "Libraries play a vital role in our communities and for students and residents," she stated. "As a strong advocate for education, I know how important it is for students to have the resources they need to be lifelong learners, and libraries are a big part of that."

The Public Library Per Capita Grants, authorized under Illinois library law, serve as a crucial mechanism for allocating funds to public libraries. Each year, this program ensures the availability of financial resources for crucial areas such as books and learning materials, staffing, equipment, digital access, and new technology.

The 48th Senate District's libraries have been awarded the following funding amounts to support their operations and services:

  1. Lincoln Library - $168,731

  2. Stonington Township Library - $1,464

  3. Rochester Public Library District - $11,121

  4. Decatur Public Library - $104,019

  5. Chatham Area Public Library District - $25,601


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