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Tyson Foods, Moving Jobs out of Illinois

Tyson Foods joins list of companies moving jobs out of Illinois. The relocation announcement affects Tyson employees in downtown Chicago and Downers Grove, Illinois. In August 2021 Tyson had 1,100 employees in the Chicago area; this move will affect about 500 office-based personnel. The move will be completed in early 2023.

Tyson Foods said that all of its Chicago-based office employees will be offered relocation positions at the company’s northwest Arkansas headquarters, where the current CEO seeks to consolidate the firm’s management operations. Tyson’s move to the U.S. South follows decisions by formerly Chicago-based Boeing to move its headquarters to Virginia; formerly Chicago-based Citadel Group to move its headquarters to Florida; and formerly Peoria/Chicago-based Caterpillar to move its headquarters to Texas. All of these moves were announced in calendar year 2022. The Tyson Foods announcement was made on Wednesday, October 5.


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