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UIS Launches Pilot Program for Out-of-State Students

University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) has been approved for a three-year pilot program offering in-state tuition rates to students from specific counties in Missouri and Iowa, starting in the fall semester of 2024. The move aims to attract more out-of-state students and enhance the university's competitiveness in neighboring areas.

With a 6.4 percent enrollment increase last fall, UIS has consistently ranked as the best public regional university in Illinois and third among public regionals in the Midwest. The new program intends to increase enrollment diversity and expand the university's reputation as an affordable institution offering an excellent education.

The program will extend resident tuition rates to students in St. Charles and St. Louis counties in Missouri, as well as Scott County in Iowa. UIS leaders anticipate around 60 students to be enrolled through the program during the pilot phase. Based on its success, the program may be expanded to contiguous areas or other neighboring states.


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