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Vala DreamCenter Offers Free Summer Sports Camps

The Frank & Linda Vala DreamCenter, situated on the former Ursuline Academy and Benedictine Campus in Springfield's North end, is extending its commitment to community enrichment by organizing free sports camps for children this summer. The camps, scheduled for July and August, will offer five days of engaging activities centered around basketball, soccer, t-ball, football, and kickball, with each day dedicated to a different sport.

The first camp, running from July 24-28, is designed for children in 1st - 3rd grade, while the second camp, scheduled for July 31 - August 4, targets 4th - 6th graders. Through these camps, children will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of each sport, cultivate teamwork skills, and engage in physical exercise.

Frank Vala praised the initiative, saying, "The DreamCenter's dedication to fostering a well-rounded educational experience is commendable. These free sports camps will undoubtedly benefit our children, instilling valuable skills and promoting physical activity."

The Vala DreamCenter, which opened its doors last year and recently concluded a series of trade classes, aims to empower and equip students through practical educational paths.

Registration and further information for the free sports camps can be found at Additionally, the DreamCenter plans to introduce more classes in the fall, expanding its educational offerings to support the holistic development of the youth in Sangamon County.


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