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Veterans' Affairs Announces Grant Recipients

The Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs (IDVA) announced the first quarter of FY23 Veterans' Grant Recipients of nearly $350,000 awarded to organizations that provide vital services to veterans including homelessness, and post-traumatic stress treatment, health insurance costs, long-term care, disability benefits, and employment and employment training.

1. Allenforce

Allenforce was allocated $71,872.35 for its Sheforce Tapestry of Wellness Project for women veterans who have PTSD and have experienced Military Sexual Trauma. The program will focus on lowering anxiety, depression, social engagement, family management and more

2. Featherfist

Featherfist was awarded $100,000 the Fort I and Fort II transitional living facilities the provide housing and supportive services for hard-to-place homeless single veterans. The funding will complete rehab projects including much needed repairs of the flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, and radiator system at both facilities.

3. Veterans Path to Hope

Path to Hope was awarded $86,140.48 to operate a transitional living program for up to 20 homeless veterans. The funding will be used to purchase two vans for veteran’s transport. The program focuses on gaining and maintaining employment, increasing income, addressing substance abuse concerns, reconnecting with family, ameliorating emotional, physical, or mental health challenges, and transitioning successfully into permanent housing.

4. Fishing for Freedom

Fishing for Freedom was awarded $25,000 to support the Quincy, Illinois Veterans Fishing Tournament. The weekend fishing tournament is centered around veterans and active-duty military affected by serving during wartime. The weekend event covers all expenses for veterans lodging and food. The event is designed to calm the effects of PTSD and/or TBI by getting them into the outdoors for a weekend of relaxation and friendship with others who have served.

5. Revelation Golf, Inc.

Revelation Golf was awarded $27,293.65 to support the Military/Veterans golf program in the Chicago metro area that meets bi-weekly for each program site served. Its mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment that promotes healing and recovery, while learning the game of golf.

6. REBOOT Recovery, Inc.

REBBOOT Recovery, Inc. was awarded $36,867 to support the peer-led trauma healing courses for suicide prevention. There are eight course locations existing throughout the state and REBOOT Recovery is mobilizing the largest peer-led response to suicide ever built.


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