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Veto Session Begins

The annual fall Veto Session is typically a time for the General Assembly to deal with legislation vetoed by the Governor. This year’s Veto Session is scheduled from November 15th – 17th and November 29th – December 1st.

Governor JB Pritzker has vetoed only one bill so far this year. House Bill 2778 passed with bipartisan support in October 2021 and would’ve provided paid leave to school, college and university employees for absences related to COVID-19, instead of requiring that they use their sick time. The gubernatorial veto will not likely be overturned as a similar bill addressing the issue was subsequently passed and signed into law.

Other legislation that could be considered during the fall Veto Session could address promises made by Pritzker during the summer about revisions to the SAFE-T Act and proposals to expand access to abortion services in Illinois.


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