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Will Pritzker be held accountable for being Madigan’s #1 supporter?

The biggest political news since the arrest and indictment of former Governor Rod Blagojevich landed last week when federal investigators announced charges of racketeering and bribery against Ex-Speaker of the House Michael J. Madigan. After four decades of amassing more and more power at the expense of Illinois taxpayers, the man at the top of the Democrat political machine is inching closer and closer to seeing the inside of a prison cell.

Democrats through the decades – up and down the ballot and across Illinois – can be blamed for supporting and enabling Madigan’s corrupt reign. But one man in particular stands above the rest for being Madigan’s #1 supporter and chief enabler.

That man is Governor JB Pritzker.

Here are some key questions for the Governor in light of Madigan’s indictment:

Does the governor regret personally funding Madigan’s corrupt political operation to the tune of more than $10 million dollars?

Does the governor regret hiring into his administration 35 people personally recommended by Speaker Madigan for patronage jobs?

As the federal investigators swirled in and around the Madigan orbit for two years, indicting several close confidants, it was obvious who the main target was. And yet, Pritzker never askedfor Madigan to step down as Speaker or Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois when others did. Why not? Does he regret standing by Madigan now?

When Madigan resigned his seat in the Illinois House, Pritzker issued a statement saying,

“The people of Illinois have much to be grateful for thanks to his dedicated public service, and the many sacrifices he and his family made to make a difference in our lives.” Why did Pritzker issue that statement and doesn’t that tell us everything we need to know about his support for Madigan?


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