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Cheese Ball: A New Baseball Experience

Get ready for an unforgettable baseball experience at Robin Roberts Stadium on Sunday, August 13th! Cheese Ball, the exciting new event, promises a fresh take on the game with alternative rules that engage fans like never before. The seven-inning match will see the Springfield Lucky Horseshoes face off against the Cheddar Monstahs.

Gates open at 3 PM, setting the stage for a pre-game party with singing, dancing, special appearances, and surprises galore. Cheese Ball serves as the inaugural event for the Friends of Robin Roberts Stadium foundation, which aims to revitalize and maintain the North End stadium. All revenue generated will contribute to stadium upgrades and maintenance projects.

The game introduces unique rules, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for fans:

Seven innings

No time limit or pitch clocks

Bunting required

No walks allowed; instead, a tee and a free swing for the batter

Fan catch decides the fate of a foul ball

Defensive team can field up to 10 players

Power Plays - errors result in player removal

Cheese Ball promises an array of engaging activities each inning, from lucky fans umpiring to special topless innings and free beer batters.

Tickets are available at Tickets.ShoesBaseball.Com, with early-bird pricing until July 31st.


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