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Coffey Tours Lighthouse Autism Center

State Representative Mike Coffey visited the newly opened Lighthouse Autism Center in Springfield last month. The center, which is the third of its kind in Illinois and has 28 locations across the country, aims to provide high-quality therapy to individuals with autism. Rep. Coffey expressed his honor in touring the facility and praised its mission.

During his visit, Coffey had the opportunity to meet Leila Allen, who provided him with valuable insights into the specialized care required for children with autism. As a staunch advocate for high-quality education, particularly for children with special needs, Coffey emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts within the community to ensure that children have the necessary resources to fulfill their aspirations.

“It was an honor to tour the Lighthouse Autism Center here in Springfield and learn about their mission that provides high-quality therapy to our community,” said Rep. Coffey. “It was a pleasure to meet with Leila Allen who provided me with informative information about the care that children with autism require.”

The Lighthouse Autism Center has been making a positive impact in communities nationwide. Recognized as the Midwest's premier autism therapy provider, the center employs a team of highly trained and compassionate clinicians who utilize state-of-the-art Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy techniques.


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