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Compass for Kids Expands Programming

Compass for Kids, a children's organization serving underserved elementary-aged children since 2011, is extending its programming to include middle and high school-aged youth. The newly introduced Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP) will commence in September 2023, thanks to financial support from various entities, including the State of Illinois, the MG Nelson Family Foundation, the AA Harvey Foundation, The American Business Club, and others.

The Youth Leadership Development Program aims to provide opportunities for youth from low-income families to develop leadership skills, graduate from high school, and prepare for college, vocational/trade school, military service, or the workforce.

Developed with input from Club Compass alumni, the programn will utilize the evidence-based TOP (Teen Outreach Program) curriculum from The Wyman Center in St. Louis, Missouri, emphasizing positive youth development and successful transition into adulthood. The expansion is expected to have a significant impact on empowering the youth and shaping their future.


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