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Congress Urged to Scrutinize AI

Attorney General Kwame Raoul, in collaboration with a bipartisan group of 54 attorneys general, has issued a plea to Congress. The joint letter underscores their desire investigate how artificial intelligence (AI) is being employed to exploit children through child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

The attorneys general have pinpointed three distinct threats arising from AI's involvement in CSAM. First, the digital alteration of a non-abused child's likeness into an abusive depiction. Second, the digital recreation of physically abused children in additional abusive scenarios. Lastly, the generation of entirely fictitious children in abusive contexts, perpetuating the market for CSAM.

Raoul, emphasizing AI's transformative potential, asserts that it also poses new threats, especially to our children's safety. The call to action: Congress must expedite the comprehension of AI's perils and establish protective measures against child exploitation.

The coalition implores Congress to establish a commission to scrutinize AI's role in child exploitation and to reinforce restrictions on CSAM to explicitly cover AI-generated material. Officials say such actions are vital to ensure prosecutors possess the necessary tools to safeguard children.


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