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County Improves Inmate Communication and Education

HomeWAV, a leading provider of secure inmate communication solutions, and Sangamon County announced a partnership set to transform communication and education opportunities for inmates in the County Jail. The contract between HomeWav and the County was approved by the Sangamon County Board at this month’s meeting.

HomeWAV will introduce their cutting-edge inmate communication system, encompassing voice calls, video visitation, messaging, educational tools, entertainment, and off-site mail scanning. The implementation includes strategically positioned HomePAS™ kiosks in each housing unit, along with ComPAS™ tablets provided to all inmates.

Sheriff Jack Campbell emphasized the importance of empowering inmates to become productive members of society, saying, "It is imperative we provide inmates with the technology to assist them in becoming productive members of our society. In addition, we will provide entertainment platforms that will aid them by providing a distraction from their situation. By partnering with HomeWAV, we can provide opportunities they previously didn't have."

HomeWAV Chairman Jay Johnson acknowledged the impact of the partnership, which extends beyond improving jail operations. The ComPAS™ tablet, a highlight of HomeWAV's offerings, offers access to educational resources, including GED preparation materials and self-improvement courses, fostering personal growth and reducing recidivism.

Sangamon County Board Member Joel Tjelmeland, expressed his support, saying, "This is a significant step towards rehabilitation and reducing reoffending rates. Providing inmates with access to education and constructive activities is essential for their successful reintegration into society."

The installation of HomeWAV's inmate communication system is scheduled for completion by the end of September 2023.


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